Workout woes (we hear you).

Repetitive designs
Flatter busts (talk about unflat-tering)
Premium prices for not-so premium quality

Do these issues look familiar?
Your experiences say yes. Our research confirms it.

Over two years ago, we ran a survey to understand what women didn’t like about their sports bras, and they echoed each other.

Conclusion? Our lady lumps could be better represented.

Find out more about OUR STORY.

Our Story

In recent times, the average woman is on the go. She is often found shuttling from work to spin class to dinner, or from morning dog walk to brunch with her girlfriends. Her workout attire weren’t just confined to the gyms and studios anymore, they were also worn out to the streets. 

Yet, the options were limited and uninspiring.

We couldn’t justify the price tags of luxury brands (was the quality that much more superior?). Nor could we accept fast fashion labels as they never lasted.

We also searched high and low for something different from the conventional designs, something that offered a personal touch. We didn’t get very far.

This simple observation led to the beginning of an exciting journey that would, hopefully, create a new class of sports bras that were unique, flattering and affordable.

A strap for every mood.

We created a fun and simple way for you to personalize your look with interchangeable straps.

The shades complement each other, no matter how you pair your straps (it’s strange, but it works).

Get going, mix and match your straps, switch them with your girlfriends. #GetCreative.

Wear your confidence.

Sewn in padded cups give ’the girls’ that extra boost.

This also means you’ll never have to readjust those removable cups again.

Ain’t called a crop for nothin’

Teamed with just enough coverage, our crop will take you to just about anywhere without baring it all.

The effect? Classy, confident goodness while you do your thing.

Affordable quality.

Ever wondered why you were paying S$100 for something you’d be sweating in? We did too.

Going at S$65 per set, our crops are smooth to the touch, sweat-wicking and won’t put a dent in your wallet.

Premium quality, minus the premium mark-up.